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The HCL Group of Companies is committed to conducting its activities in a safe and efficient manner while focusing on its responsibilities to its stakeholders, complying with applicable legislation and fulfilling its mandate to be environmentally responsible.

The Group therefore commits itself and its subsidiaries to the highest level of management of Health and Safety risk and Environmental preservation. This will be evidenced by the continuous improvement of the group’s performance in these areas relative to the scope of our operations and projects.

In accordance with the above statement, the HCL Group of Companies through its senior management and heads of departments will:
  • Provide effective leadership to develop and maintain an integrated HS&E Management system which will ensure that all health, safety and environmental preservation activities are planned, executed and controlled within established BEST PRACTICES.
  • Promote a safe working culture among all stakeholders by managing occupational health and safety risks and any environmental impact associated with our operations and projects.
  • Ensure the design and maintenance philosophy of communities, facilities, products and services will meet and / or exceed the continuing needs of all stakeholders.
  • Have effective recruitment, retention and competency assessment processes of our employees to ensure support of the HS&E Management system.
  • Protect against any reasonably anticipated hazard or occurrence that would threaten the security and integrity of all personnel and information under our control. 
  • Prepare for, respond to and gain knowledge to establish BEST PRACTICES from any incident, accident, emergency or other unplanned event and communicate this knowledge across the group.
  • Commit to continuous review and improvement of our business processes by monitoring compliance with external and internal requirements via audits.

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