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The main objectives for Community Management are as follows:

1. To attain Industry Standards in accordance to The Community Association Institute, (CAI) in the undertaking of all tasks and decision making policies.

2. Foster Community spirit and development through the implementation of innovative programs throughout all the Communities.

Community Management Limited is the premier Community Association Management Company of the HCL Group of Companies. It is our mission to provide the best services in respect of Facility Maintenance Programs, Community Development and Financial Management, to fully meet the various Community needs in order to create an increased quality of living.

Provide an excellent value to our home owners, by the provision of world class customer
service and ensuring the quality of services provided for are second to none. It is our hope that through the use of our management techniques and network of capable contractors, home owners are satisfied with the quality of living and above all their decision to invest with the HCL Group of Companies.


Keys to Success
The Keys to Success for Community Management are as follows:

1. Customer Service: We must make the Community Management name synonymous with world class Customer Service.

2. Atmosphere of Community: Preservation of an aesthetically and architecturally pleasing atmosphere at every Community through the use of efficient management and monitoring techniques.

3. Provision of Services: Monitor the services being provided for by the network of Contractors ensuring that the quality of work is of the highest standard. Our intention would be to benchmark the quality with that of international services providers.

4. Arrears Collection: Implement stringent measures to ensure all outstanding arrears will be collected. Additionally, procedures will be placed to ensure the receivables are remitted on time.

5. Proactive: Community Management takes a proactive approach.
Proper Preventative Maintenance Programs are  implemented to ensure that required services are administered at the proper time.

6. Knowledgeable/qualified staff and management: Home owners / Clients and Contractors will be liaising with our knowledgeable and qualified staff who show genuine concern for the issues and further demonstrate a tact for problem solving situations. The relevant parties will feel comfortable and confident that Community Management Limited can meet all of their Community needs.

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