Delphin Marine Logistics is a Joint Venture company created through a partnership between Mariners Haven Ltd of Trinidad and the GulfMark Americas, Inc of the USA.  The combined strength of its venture partners gives Delphin Marine Logistics a leading edge in its industry.

Through its local parent company - the Mariner’s Haven Group – Delphin Marine is a subsidiary of the HCL Group of companies and is backed by the powerful, regional conglomerate, CL Financial.  This association brings with it all the advantages of conglomerate resources, regional networks and industry knowledge.  As part of the Mariner’s Haven Group, Delphin Marine also enjoys the support of a full range of ship repair facilities, graving (dry) dock facilities as well as the skills of highly trained technical personnel.

Through its international parent company – the GulfMark Americas, Inc of the USA -  GulfMark Americas has access to an expanding fleet of state of the art offshore support vessels equipped with revolutionary technology, cutting edge capabilities and leading international standards of service.

As the first phase of the joint venture gets underway, GulfMark Americas is currently operating two Dynamic Positioning Class 2 Platform Supply Vessels. These state of the art, 2600 dwt, diesel-electric platform supply vessels are part of the youngest and most technologically advanced fleet currently available. Take a look at the outstanding benefits of utilizing these vessels:

Safety First
All GulfMark Americas Support Vessel are designed for ultimate safety in operations. The vessel design facilitates crew service through systems which make safety the number one priority.

Low Fuel Consumption saves you Money
Our streamlined hull means lower fuel consumption yet higher speeds under loaded conditions.  We’re ready to meet the challenge of budget and speed.

Low Fuel Emission saves the Environment
Our diesel electric propulsion systems have a low fuel emission rate and that means low
impact on the environment. We’re geared to treat the environment responsibly.

Better technology - Better Service
Our advanced vessel technology facilitates better station keeping at the platform.  We have the solutions to deal with local sea conditions so that we can offer a higher service
of the vessel at the platform.

Highest Standards of Crew for better Performance
All GulfMark Americas deck officers are trained under the IMCA guidelines for Dynamic Positioning.  All crew meet the international requirements of STCW – Standards, Training, Certification and Watch-Keeping. These certifications coupled with knowledge sharing and on-board training by GulfMark Americas personnel will cultivate an elite group of local, professional mariners at your service.

GulfMark Americas is committed to reshaping customer expectations of vessels and quality of service.  When it comes to our clients we offer flexible solutions.  We have the technology and the experience to adapt to almost any type of project. As we build our business, we at GulfMark Americas take pride in knowing that our current portfolio of contracts with major international oil companies are proof of the success of our revolutionary technology and advanced standards.

GulfMark Americas aims to evolve into a world class Trinidadian Maritime organization capable of operating anywhere around the world through maintaining international standards of technology, performance, safety and efficiency. When looking for a solution to your next offshore challenge, make GulfMark Americas your First Call.

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