One Plaza

One Plaza (One Woodbrook Place) is located at #189 Tragarete Road, Woodbrook on the out- skirts of Port of Spain’s most hidden gems. One Woodbrook Place is a mixed-use facility supporting Commercial, Entertainment, Shopping and Residential Urban living.

One Plaza certainly allows our customers to conduct several activities on the same site due to the services being provided in the following categories; Entertainment, Gym and Spa, Banking Services, Beauty/Spa Services, Corporate Offices, Restaurants and Lounges.

It caters for the customers looking to relax far away from the hustle and bustle of the Avenue, plazas, malls and over crowed restaurants.

The location offers a safe and secure parking to our customers on the B1- Level, housing approximately 500 car spots. Our stairwells from the carpark leads directly unto the Commercial entity.

Our Restaurants cater for both indoor and outdoor dining. These dishes are comprised of Italian, Indian, Asian, French and Japanese, just to name a few.

The Entertainment Building houses three premium Cinemas: Digicel IMAX, the luxurious Gemstone and the adrenaline pumping IMAX 4DX. A Gym is also located on level 4, which offers a wide variety of services such as juice bars, personal training, sale of dietary supplement, spin classes, yoga and weight training. In addition, not to mention the ability to train from an external patio and use of a first class sauna to its members.

One Plaza can facilitate any occasion from a romantic dinner date, productive business lunch, a relaxing after work lime, dinner and a movie with the family, or a full on party with friends. One Plaza has been that escape/getaway from the fast life you’ve been looking for.

There’s something for everyone at One Plaza. CML Administrative Office,
189 Tragarete Road,
Port of Spain, 170501, Trinidad
Phone: 868-622-0455