Safeguard Services Limited

Safeguard Services Limited was incorporated on July 8 1983, and the company functions as the security arm of The HCL Group of Companies.

Safeguard provides high-quality, efficient, affordable, customer-friendly service, supported by competent and qualified security personnel, to all Home Construction Communities and assets. They prevent loss of property and ensure the safety of personnel at the Group’s shopping malls, construction sites, residential communities and other properties.

The company has embarked upon security training consultancy in both the financial and hospitality industries as well as electronic security services, both of which are offered to a growing external client base. The quality of its security force is reflected in the mandatory training period for recruits, which is about 3 times longer than the industry norm.

Safeguard has expanded its operational expertise to quad motion patrol at numerous locations, a first for Trinidad. They also assist the TTPS with advanced CCTV expertise in the fight against crime across various locations.

Safeguard achieved its current staff complement of 250 officers through a 400% increase in its guard force in just one and a half years – a strong indicator of this company’s growing capabilities and growth potential.